Glonur® Advertisement Policy

The advertisements submitted by the Employers must adhere to the applicable laws and should not be in contravention of any prevailing laws. 

Glonur® may or may not review the advertisements submitted, therefore you must ensure that the advertisement submitted does not violate any of the laws applicable and the same restrictions imposed on the contents that may be uploaded mentioned in the Terms & ConditionsGlonur® reserves the right to edit, refuse, reject, classify or cancel any ad at any time if it discovers the advertisement is in violation or does not comply with the terms of use.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to provide the right content. The Platform is not responsible for any mistake made by the user for the advertisement. 

Glonur® shall not be liable for any loss or expense that result from an error in or omission of an advertisement. If the ad content contains any abusive or prohibited content, then Glonur® reserves the right to remove the ad and no refund shall be made in such a case. The advertisement will be visible based on the location chosen by the advertiser. We do not guarantee for the visibility of the advertisement, minimum views of the advertisement on the Platform or any minimum enquiry generation through the advertisement. 

You shall not post (i) any advertisement with misleading offers resulting in "bait & switch" of products, (ii) advertisements listed in the incorrect category, (iii) telephone numbers listed in the personals or any sub-category of personals or any other personal information of third parties, (iv) U.R.L. (Universal Resource Locator) or hyperlinks within an advertisement (except where allowed) or image, (v) the sale or distribution of firearms, weapons or controlled substances, make-money fast schemes, pyramid or chain letters, fraudulent or criminal offers including but not limited to registering another email address other than your own, (vi) any posting with the goal of harassment of another, sexual requests, racial slurs or comments, harassment, placing a fraudulent ad, unsolicited advertising (whether commercial or informational) and unsolicited email or advertisements including, but not limited to adult or dating services placing advertisements (SPAM).

Glonur® forbids the transmission, distribution or posting of any matter which discloses personal or private information concerning any person or entity, including without limitation phone number(s) or addresses, credit debit cards, calling card, user account numbers/ passwords or similar financial information, and home phone numbers or addresses. We strongly oppose SPAM, which floods the Internet with unwanted and unsolicited email and deteriorates the performance and availability of our Services. All forms of SPAM, and all activities that have the effect of facilitating SPAM, are strictly prohibited. Glonur® also prohibits the use of another Internet service to send or post SPAM to drive visitors to your site hosted on or through our systems, whether or not the messages were originated by you, under your direction, or by or under the direction of a related or unrelated third party.