Glonur® Permitted Use

Use by Employers

The Service enables Employers to post jobs, search for providers of services of various kinds related to medical nursing services, hire and enter into contracts with job seekers as per their requirements. Hospitals or other institutions, and consultants/individuals who are seeking to recruit nursing professionals can register on the platform, subscribe to an appropriate repository plan to suit their recruitment requirements (“Repository Plan”) and submit listings of job opportunities available with them (“Job Postings”). Any Job Posting with abusive or illegal content or content in violation of the Terms & Conditions will be removed without notice.

Employers who are not seeking to employ Job Seekers directly, whether you are recruitment agents, employment consultants or any other similar category, are mandatorily required to register as “Consultant”. We reserve the right to block, suspend or terminate your account if we identify or have reason to believe that you have wrongly represented yourself as a “Company” or as an Employer rather than as a “Consultant”.

When submitting a Job Posting, you must ensure the Job Posting contains all information that is reasonably necessary for a Job Seeker to fully and accurately respond to the Job Posting, including (i) the description of the professional service you are seeking, including without limitation the nature of the work and duties, the location, working hours, and where relevant, the duration or likely duration for the work; (ii) a list of experience, skills, training, qualifications and any other pre-requisites required in respect of the Job; and (iii) indicative remuneration applicable to the Job and expenses (if any) you will be paying to the Job Seeker.

As an Employer, it shall be your sole responsibility

  • ascertain the identity of the Job Seeker(s);
  • communicate with Job Seeker(s);
  • verify and validate the qualification, specific professional requirements, skills, training and experience of the Job Seeker;
  • verify information provided by any Job Seeker including without limitation any Job Seeker profile and all supporting documentation, including to confirm the authenticity of any documentation that may be uploaded to the Platform; and
  • ensure that a Job Seeker has the right to work in the jurisdiction where the services of the Job Seeker are to be carried out.

As an Employer, you must (i) ensure that the Job Posting falls within the scope permitted by the Platform (ii) not provide information (including in any Job and/or other communication with Job Seekers) which you know to be inaccurate, false, incomplete, untrue, illegal or is or may be deemed to be a misrepresentation of the facts; and (iii) immediately notify Glonur® in the event you have any reason to believe or suspect that a Job Seeker or another Employer has breached any of the Terms & Conditions or that any Job Seeker profile is not genuine, or is false, inaccurate and/or incomplete. Once a Job Posting is made on the Platform, you will not be able to amend or update it with any changes that may substantially affect the nature of the particular Job Posting.

You acknowledge and agree that Job Postings will be viewable by all users of the Platform (including all Job Seekers) and you can choose to share private information or have a private conversation directly with a specific Job Seeker through the chat function on the platform.

You may cancel a Job Posting at any time prior to making an employment offer to a Job Seeker. Following the issuance of your job offer and prior to acceptance by the Job Seeker, you acknowledge and agree that you will cancel a Job posting only with intimation to the Job Seeker

When you view, shortlist or accept candidates through or using the site, we may also inform a Job Seeker that an Employer has taken an action with regards to a Job Seeker’s CV and you hereby consent to us taking such actions. The Platform repository will have CV’s according to the availability. Selection of any repository plan does not guarantee the selection of candidates or finding suitable CV. CV from any region and of any registered candidate will be made available.

Use by Jobseekers

The Platform allows Job Seekers to create their profiles, provide an overview of their capabilities, list recommendations, discuss and negotiate with employers and get hired by Employers. However please note that, Job Seekers are not allowed to create multiple accounts on Glonur®. If we discover that Job Seeker has multiple accounts, then we may seek additional information and may delete other accounts registered in the name of the Job Seeker, without any further notice to you. 

Once the Job Seeker has submitted the details, for a Curriculum Vitae (“CV”), the Employer may require further information to verify the identity of the Job Seeker. 

As a Job Seeker, you must:

  1. provide all information reasonably requested by Glonur® to set up your account, including but not limited to your contact details (including your mobile number for SMS purposes), and a reference;
  2. provide proof of your identity, your qualifications, skills, training and experience
  3. ensure you are appropriately qualified to carry out the services, including but not limited to obtaining and maintaining the industry and professional qualification or certification that is required by law or regulation, or otherwise applicable to your services.
  4. exercise caution and take care not to breach any of your existing employment contract, if any, or any other contractual obligations you may have when you apply for a Job Posting;
  5. at all times keep all information including without limitation, communication and correspondences between you and the Employers and all information relating to Employers and the Job process, secure and confidential; 
  6. immediately notify Glonur® in the event you have any reason to believe or suspect that an Employer has breached any of its Terms & Conditions or that any of the jobs posted by an Employer are not genuine, false, inaccurate and/or incomplete;
  7.  not submit any false or misleading educational qualifications or, license details; and 
  8. ensure that all references are given with the express permission of referee only. The Platform will not be responsible for the reference provided by you and you will protect the Platform against any legal claims.

The content submitted to the Platform for generation/ creation of the CV is the sole responsibility of the Job Seeker. The Job Seeker holds the sole responsibility to create the CV with the right information. By creating a CV through the Platform, you are requesting and authorizing us to make available your CV to any Employer that we believe may have an interest in Your CV.

Glonur® does not take any information related to your passport or any other ID proofs. If any such documentation is shared by the Job Seeker with the EmployerGlonur® does not take any responsibility for the same. Glonur® does not take any payment from the Job Seekers.  If the Job Seeker makes any payment for employment as bond, fee or any other cost , Glonur® shall not be responsible for the same. Further, as a Job Seeker you are obligated to check your emails/ messages regularly. We are not responsible if you miss to read any interview message.

We may automatically send you recommended jobs via your registered email address. We may determine what these recommended jobs are on the basis of a variety of factors, including but not limited to, any information you input on the Platform about yourself, searches you run on the site, jobs you click on, jobs you apply to, or the materials you provide in a job application to an Employer through the Platform.